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A 19th century French bronze figure of a boatman. Beautifully modeled and of large scale the bronze has a lovely patinated surface. The boatman carries a pair of oars and a life ring and it bears the mark "Bronze garanti au titre L.V. Deposee" 760mm high, 220mm wide and 390mm deep. French. Circa 1870.

The term "L.V. Deposee Guaranteed Bronze" can be seen on many bronze objects, sculptures and other works of art, and is often associated with a certain quality or authenticity.  L.V. means "Victorian Bond", which was a casting technique developed by Victorien Lefebvre and used to produce high quality bronze objects.  It was introduced in 1853 by French patent law and appeared on many bronzes produced in France from that time on.

A 19th century French bronze figure of a boatman

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