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This elegant nude, by Joseph-Michel-Ange Pollet 1814 - 1870, is gracefully raising her arms above her head and lifted of the ground and is titled Une Heure de la Nuit (an hour of the night) and is one of Pollet's most famed sculptures and has been reproduced in marble, bronze, and plaster. The first bronze version of the model was exhibited at the Exposition Universelle in 1855, which was edited in various sizes by the foundry of E.Colin & Cie. In very good and original condition and with a good mid brown patina. signed: Pollet and stamped: E.Colin & Cie. 460mm high, 280mm wide and 140mm deep. French. Circa 1860


Born in Palermo, Italy, Joseph Pollet worked in Paris and was granted the Legion d’honneur in 1856. He was predominantly inspired by historical, ecclesiastical, classical, and allegorical subjects.

A Stunning Bronze By Joseph-Michel-Ange Pollet

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