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A 19th century 18" library globe on stand by Malby's. This Terrestrial globe sits in a brass meridian within horizon ring applied with printed zodiac and calendar scales and was published in 1864 . It retains its original mahogany stand with the legs united by a turned stretcher and inset compass.  The label reads; "Compiled from the latest and most authentic sources including all the recent geographical discoveries" 1040mm high and 570mm diameter. English. Circa 1864.


Thomas Malby's map & globe firm continued under the stewardship of his son from 1851, who was was still recorded as operating in business in 1884. Thomas Malby closely linked himself with the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, as a way of marketing his products to the rising middle class of Britain.

An 18" Library Globe By Malby's

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